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Course overview

Peer education is widely recognized as a useful and credible way to reach young people with important information. It is a process whereby well-trained and motivated young people undertake informal or organized educational activities with their peers over a period of time, aimed at developing their knowledge, attitudes, beliefs and skills and enabling them to be responsible for and protect their own health and those of their peers.

Peer education can take place in small groups or through individual contact and in a variety of settings: in schools and universities, clubs, churches, workplaces, on the street or in a shelter, or wherever young people gather. Peer education uses volunteer members of a given group to effect changes among other members of the same group which stimulates collective action, which in turn results into positive outcome within the group and in communities.

What will i learn?

  • Participants will be introduced to the concept Peer Education, the Mode of selecting Peer Educators and How a Peer Educator can enlighten and provide informed answers to the various challenges/questions Young Adults may have.
  • In the course of this programme, the Peer Educators will be trained on various topics that confront Adolescents at every stage of their growing up. Topics like; Sexual and Reproductive Health, co┬úntraception and Abstinence, HIV/AIDS, STIs, Gender Issues, among others.
  • At the end of this programme, each participant is expected to be equipped with the knowledge and skills required to share information that will positively influence their peers to make good decisions.
Curriculum for this course
7 Lessons 01:40:33 Hours
7 Lessons 01:40:33 Hours
  • Introduction to Peer Education
    Preview 00:14:57
  • Life Management Skills and Behavioral Change
    Preview 00:14:01
  • Peer Education (Lesson One Quiz)
  • Life Management Skills and Behavioral Change (part two)
    Preview 00:12:05
  • Sexual & Reproductive Health Issues
    Preview 00:15:53
    Preview 00:29:41
    Preview 00:13:56
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  • 7 Lessons
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